Eragon Movie Review

My Review: 1

Christopher Paolini published the first volume of his Inheritance Trilogy: “Eragon” when he was 16 years old. He has since completed volume 2 and is said to be in the midst of the third and final volume. I am a devoted fan of the series, and I can’t wait to read the third book. As a fan of the series and of the sci-fi / fantasy genre I was seriously excited to see the movie: Eragon. I was therefore very seriously disappointed at how bad it was.

Jeremy Irons, John Malkovitch, some new kid to play Eragon… this should have been really cool. But it wasn’t. The storyline was jumbled, the costumes were terrible, the acting was execrable, the plot was un-followable, ooohhh, it was bad.

Some of the dragon CGI stuff was pretty cool but overall this movie was pretty hard to watch. And by the way, this is not typical “the book was so good that the movie was bound to suck” kind of complaining. This movie was just bad. I think it was done with too little budget and a terrible screen-writer.

My worst moment in this movie was the big fight scene at the end. All these warriors, humans and dwarves (we’re talking thousands of fighters) have to fend off an encroaching army of evil dudes. As the evil army is about to swarm into the underground cavernous hiding place, the good guys “send in the archers.” The “archers,” for an army of thousands, to fend off a horde of tens of thousands, consists of two guys with crossbows.

Now, I know I’m geeking out a little bit here, exposing my inner nerd and all, but 2 guys? That was all they could muster up for: “send in the archers?” That was my most uncomfortable moment.

The Eragon books are fun, interesting, and extremely rich. The movie stank. It gets 1 out of 10.

Eragon Movie - Ooooohhh


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  1. Chicken on

    Totally agree on Eragon. I was stoked to see it and was severely disappointed. Poor script writing, dispassionate acting and poor CG (except for Saphira, who was quite impressive). This is by far the worst movie… E-V-E-R!!!

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