Cold Steel ProLite (Drop Point Blade)

My Review: 10 cold_steel_pro_lite_drop_point.jpg

This might be my favorite knife of all time. It’s funny, while I respect Cold Steel products, I am not a devoted fan of their entire production line. However, this folder has such a solid feel and has stood up so well to hard use that I am blown away.

I bought this knife with my friend Brooke while on a trip to Arizona. What first caught my eye was the big-bellied blade – it looked like a skinning knife. When you open the knife, and the blade clicks into the locked position, you can really feel it lock. And this knife passed the “flick test” immediately. (Meaning that you can hold the handle firmly and “flick” the blade out.) I love that.

There are five small allen screws along the spine of the handle holding the scales in place, and a much larger one to rotate the blade. There is a big elliptical thumb hole to open the blade one handed (if you don’t feel like flicking.) I have used this blade to cut, saw, whittle, pry, throw (I know, I know) and anything else I could think of. It has never failed or folded on me, and it still looks great in spite of consistent abuse.

It holds an edge pretty well; when it was new out of the box you could shave with the sucker. But that initial sharp edge usually wears out fast. I have re-sharpened it a couple of times since I bought it (3 years in August) and the steel really does do a good job of holding an edge.

The other thing I really love about this knife is how solid it feels when the blade is out. With most knives when you try to flex the blade, there will be some minimal movement and flex. This one is like a rock. The spine (back or dull) side of the blade is really thick, and the lock/release mechanism is so tight and well engineered that it holds tighter than any other knife I’ve had. The pro lite uses a strong leaf spring lock that’s rated to hold 100 lbs. Sweet.

The only bad think I have to say is that Cold Steel has stopped making them. I don’t know why, I think it’s one of the best knives they ever produced. If you hunt around on the internet you can still find them from time to time, but it ain’t easy. They were made with three different blades (tanto, clip point, and drop point) that come either serrated or non-serrated (all pictured below.) The knife features an extremely tough Zytel handle and the blade measures 4″. It also features a pocket clip, though it is set up for right side carrying only.

This knife kicks more ass than anything else I’ve had. Solid 10 and a ringing endorsement.


Mine (click to enlarge)


The whole range – all blade styles (click to enlarge)


Clip Point, serrated blade, pocket clip shown (click to enlarge)


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  1. John on

    I wholeheartly agree with the author of the article about the Cold Steel Pro-Lite. I have one myself and I am so glad I got it at the time I did; it’s a great folder. It’s my everyday carry knife now and one of the main reasons I got it was because it was manufactured by Cold Steel. Although I don’t use it in the manner that the author does (mine is relegated to basic letter opener, ha!), I know it would not fail me if the you-know-what hits the fan. I also disagree somewhat with the author about the rest of the Cold Steel product line, since I have several different knives from them and they are all top-notch IMO.

    Bottom line: the Cold Steel Pro-Lite folder is a must have; get one if you can.

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