Poolboys at the Mansion – a review

My review: 7 (largely for chutzpah)

My friend Amir passed this onto me. I am not big on writing letters, but these guys can feel free to pass this blog on Hugh Hefner as an endorsement from me. I think this is a neat idea.

So here’s the gist: three guys (the Swede, Sam Rush, and Denman) are trying to get hired as pool boys at the Playboy mansion. Their methods and reasoning are based on a grass roots campaign of endorsement/recommendation letters, combined with an excellent sense of humor and cheek, as well as a variety of errands and gifts to soften up the boss. I’m actually kind of into this idea. Certainly the PR possibilities are powerful, and this screams reality TV.

Whats fun too is that this it totally the kind of idea that three intelligent friends in college (or who meet traveling in South America) would come up with while high. I mean, there is a twisted genius to this concept.

However, brilliant ideas are easy to come by, and truthfully that’s not what impresses me. Rather, the execution and effort they are putting into this plan shows real initiative and brains. Their site is well designed and informative. They are harnessing the power of the internet, the blog-o-sphere and the infamy of Playboy’s brand and directing it at a dream they want to realize. That stokes me. They chose a ridiculous, awesome goal and said “this can happen, when and if we MAKE it happen.” Well, cool on them. Hef, for what it’s worth, I think these guys deserve a chance. Let’s see what they can do.

I give it a 7 – go get ’em.




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