r bally Review

My Review: 10, 10, 10

What’s not to like? A guy who goes by Jennings, in Boston, posts to a blog / FTP site that allows you to download unbelievably great live music, from indie to world famous artists, for free because that’s what he’s into. I think this is so cool, and this is what the best of the web is all about. Right now I’m listening to a great R.E.M. show recorded in July of 1983 in Toronto. He’s got a great Jayhawks show recorded in Sweden up right now, as well as lots of other cool stuff.

rbally (www.rbally.net) was up and serving music and for a long time (couple of years I think), but the site shut down a couple of months ago. At the time my understanding was that copyright infringement and other issues shut it down; Jennings seems to indicate that there was a data loss and some other issues… Whatever, I’m stoked that he’s back up, and I’m grateful for the insight he shares and the music he offers. Check it out when you have a moment. If you are a music lover, you cannot help but enjoy this site.

Levon says: 10, yo.


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