Kings of Leon: “Because Of The Times”

My review: 9+

The newest album by the Kings of Leon kicks ass.

It’s called “Because Of The Times” and it’s awesome. The whole album is full of catchy melodies and tunes, yet it rocks out hard. They introduced a lot of effects, reverb and dubs, but the album doesn’t sound overproduced. It sounds strong. I was a huge of fan of their break out album, “Youth And Young Manhood.” Their next full studio album, “Aha Shake Heartbreak” was not a real strong follow up. It had some good tunes, but it wasn’t as solid as their first. “Because Of The Times” though, manages to bring in some of the magic that made Youth so good, while still demonstrating new talents, new production, and new instrumentation.

The album starts strong with a seven minute ass-kicker called “Knocked.” It melts back and forth from quiet and slow to driving and engaged, and then settles back again. The song writing, lyricism and vocalization are all great.

There are kick ass tempos and driving rhythms in this album; the song “On Call” demonstrates this well. “True Love Way” also uses a cool, strong back beat as well as some really cool background vocals. I really felt like this was an ensemble effort, with many good parts coming from all directions.

“Black Thumbnail” was another highlight using lots of tempo changes and really cool instrumentation. Listen to the first half minute and then let it explode over you. Fun choruses and really fun song. “Ragoo” is another great one. Even if you’re not paying attention this one sucks you back in; that melody is awesome and it will stick in my head for 100 hours.
You can listen to this album while driving and space out to some cool music, and you can also focus in and rock on every part of this album. Whether it’s in the background, the foreground, or anywhere in between you can listen to this again and again. It’s pretty rare to get such a consistent, strong album , and no one is more stoked than I.

You can pick up “Because Of The Times” at any major etailer or retailer. I’ll link to Amazon just because Amazon is all right. Also a link to a good article from Rolling Stone. And a link to their website. Hooray for KOL, thanks for kicking ass again. My feelings: a 9+

Some pics

kings_of_leon_2_bw.jpg kings_of_leon_3.jpg kings_of_leon_7.jpg

Listen to track 10 (“Fans”) like 6 times in a row. It’s rad.


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