1976 Toyota Landcruiser FJ 40 – dubbed the Sticky Rig

My Review: 7

We had a sweet, old-school Landcruiser, an FJ 40 to be exact. It’s was a ’76, which was a great year for that vehicle. The FJ40 is sweet and very reliable in any incarnation, but in 1976 the 4 cylinder engine also got a little stronger, and got a little more pick and go. We named ours the Sticky Rig, for a variety of reasons that I will not go into here (nothing gross though, I swear.)

I will say this first of all: it is fun. It’s fun to look at, it’s fun to drive, and it’s fun to be seen in. This is a vehicle that gets appreciative looks on the highway, and on the streets of this sunny beach community. (Not Malibu.) My buddies are selling the Sticky Rig, which makes me sad, but it will find a god home I’m sure.

This particular FJ is a sort of sky blue color, and it runs perfectly. We’ve taken it off-road, and the four wheel drive works great. It runs perfect, belches a little smoke if it has been sitting for a week, but it clears right away. The plugs do foul up pretty quick, but it’s always easy to start. You do need to be real comfortable driving a stick because it is an older vehicle, but everything works. And the truth is, you just feel like a bad ass when you’re in it.

The thing has a lot of miles on it, and on the highway you’re good up to about 60-65 MPH – beyond that, you start to feel your teeth rattling. But it’s still worth it.

Now before anyone questions my credibility (hah), I Want to make something clear. I am reviewing the Sticky Rig for two reasons:

1. My buddy is selling it, and I am using my readership (both of them) to help him get the word out.

2. I love the Sticky Rig, and I drove it many times, even took it home with me for a while. I think Toyota’s are sweet, Landcruisers are rad, and FJ40’s kick ass. So I also want to review it because it merits review.

Now, if you want to know more about the Sticky Rig (or even want to own a sweet 1976 FJ 40, feel free to check out some of the pics below. The Craigslist posting (if you ant to own an FJ 40) is below as well. My personal feelings: the ’76 FJ 40 rates an 7 on kick ass style and ass-kicking function.


fj40_1.jpg fj40_2.jpg


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