Paris Hilton – the woman in review

My Review: 6

Everybody and their brother writes about Paris Hilton. And the people who don’t write about her either choose to think about her, or are forced to look at images of her. She is incredibly well known. There are even articles written about why she has so many articles written about her. ( Check out this blog post: Why Paris Hilton Is Famous (Or Understanding Value In A Post-Madonna World) – Just look at how many comments there are on this posting – even some in Hebrew.) The woman is larger than life – in my opinion she sort of epitomizes the term. She is trashy, fashionable, famous, wealthy, glamorous, slutty… all the things we (Americans) want, whether we admit it or not.


Well, I met Paris Hilton. She is filming the latest run of “The Simple Life” at an undisclosed (by me) location, and I happened to work and live at said location for many years. So I went to visit my old hood, and there was Paris. She was playing with her dogs, and I, in my most masculine yet endearing tone said: “Is it all right if I say hi to the dogs?” In a sweet, sultry, yet oddly innocent tone of voice she said “sure, that’s fine.”

That was it. The whole conversation.


But it changed my life.

Ok, that’s just a joke, my life is unchanged. But I was impressed by a number of things. Like most Americans, I look at Paris Hilton on the cover of a magazine and I think trashy, lame, dumb, rich, mean, spiteful, arrogant, spoiled, etc. I force myself to be unimpressed. And most of the time I even think she’s not that pretty. Well I’m here to tell you a couple of things.

First, the woman is beautiful. Not pretty, not ok, she is downright beautiful. That is a gorgeous woman. Also, in spite of the image which she intentionally perpetuates, she was generally polite and considerate. I was observing (intently) for over an hour as she interacted with a number of people (production assistants, friends, site staff, Nicole Ritchie, etc.) I’ll grant you this was not exactly an around the clock, good times and bad times biography, but I was impressed.

It could be that I was set up for that reaction, in the same way that if you go into a movie theater just knowing it’s going to suck, then it might turn out to be pretty good. But, I am ready to give her the benefit of the doubt. Before I met Paris, I’d have given her a 2, just because she’s so rich and so lame. But now, having met her in person, had an actual conversation (the manic glee in my mind should hopefully be evident by now), and seen how she treats people in a regular “behind the scenes” setting – well I have to say I think she’s better than her image. She merits a 6 overall, and a 9 plus in the looks department. She is totally gorgeous in person. Sincerely.


Here’s to Paris. El Yay.


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