Wolfmother Review

My Review: 7


“Wolfmother,” by Wolfmother, is sweet. I grew up listening to AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden. While these guys don’t pursue as much of the satanic rigmarole, they very much live and breath in that genre and style. Listening to these guys makes me feel like when I listen to Ozzy and the boys at their best.  The chorus in “Dimension” (track 3) is Black Sabbath as I live and breath, but it doesn’t feel like a cheap copy – quite the opposite.

This is no wannabe tribute band; Wolfmother has developed their own sound, and they are distinct. Fun riffs and worthwhile song writing beef up the overall presentation. Joker & The Thief is a great track off the album – it’s something of a single and it rolls with a great melody and and strong writing.

White Unicorn is another great track. It starts with a light electric guitar riff, and when the vocals come in it makes you feel a little… well, a little bit epic. And then the whole ensemble joins together and you feel like you want to kick some ass.

Wolfmother is formed of three guys from Australia who wanted to play music, and they’ve turned (almost in spite of themselves) into something of a sensation. There’s a review from Rolling Stone, and their website offers some more links to reviews, as well as photos and schwag. Wolfmother also has the obligatory MySpace page, find that here.

I think these guys are cool. They make cool music, and in a genre that was pioneered in the 60’s and 70’s, but doesn’t have a lot of good, modern adherents. In some ways they remind me of Dave Edmunds and Rockpile; not the style of music (far from it), but rather an ethic and sense of tradition and genre. Their full length self-titled album was released in 2006. I can’t wait for their next album.

A strong 7 for me.

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