The Daily Reel in Review

My Review:7


The Daily Reel is a cool… site, service, podcast? They are something of a content aggregator, sifting through lots of content on the web and using their site to let you know what you should be watching. Tens of people are sitting in Los Angeles right now, figuring out what you need to see on the web. They also generate some of their own content, podcasts, forums, blogs, etc. Based on their blog, they sift through the video content on the web (You Tube, et al) and let us know what’s best. The site is ad supported and has taken a small seed round (six figures) from Boston based Prism VentureWorks.

I actually found these guys on; I was bored and watched Felicia Williams deliver a podcast. She’s good looking, which is what got me engaged initially. 😉 But what I really like is user generated stuff. Some of it is great, some of it sucks, but it’s all empowering because anyone can contribute their thoughts, their message, or their perspective on life to the community at large. Daily Reel is helping to sort that content to give us time starved folks an edge on what content we should consume, and that’s a valuable service. So far, while navigating through the site, I have not been disappointed in what I’ve seen, and I’ve gotten hooked (in spite of myself) into several linked sites and discussions.

I call it an 7 because they’re doing good work and providing a useful service. The site is a little busy for my taste, but the target consumer will feel at ease in the mayhem.

Here they are on


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