Chafing – it hurts

My Rating: 2

It’s not often discussed, but Chafing sucks a lot. Let’s say you’re taking a hike. You’re excited because you don’t often get to hike. You sit in front of a computer and you want to reconnect to the outdoors. You start on your little hike and about 20 minutes into it the pain and irritation begins. Maybe it’s between your legs near your junk. Now, it hurts and you’re self conscious because you keep trying to readjust – put some fabric between the two irritated parts of your body. Some beautiful, fit woman runs by and you’re playing with your junk. It sucks.

Try this stuff, it works. Sports Shield.

Sport Shield
Rub it all over your junk and feel like you just got lubed up for the big race. It’s got that roll-on ball on the top of it, it feels good. Real good.

Chafing = Bad. Lubrication = Good.

Have a good weekend.


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