A Review Of the Pacific Ocean, part 1

My Review: 8

It’s big.  It’s salty.  Mostly it’s blue.  That’s right, I’m talking about the Pacific Ocean.  This is the largest of the 5 oceans in the world.  New Zealand and California share an ocean; they share it with Japan.  Sweet.  The Pacific Ocean has an area of 155.557 million square kilometers.  It is a big ass body of water.  Yet its highest point is still only sea level.


Seriously, there is fantastic surfing (I’ve been told) in the Pacific ocean, from Santa Cruz to Australia.  I’ve been in the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii, in California, in Washington State, in Fiji, in Mexico, and in some more places that I don’t remember.  I’ve caught at least 12 different kinds of fish (Mackerel, Barracuda, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Blue Shark and Yellowtail being a few of them.)  Most of those we ate, so it’s cool.

                                     goes_gwdisk11_1070_100.jpg                        santa-cruz-beach-ws.jpg

The ocean is salty, so you should not drink it.   It is fun to swim in, but it is sometimes cold; especially if you live and swim in California. There will be more to come on the Pacific Ocean soon. So hang tight.



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  1. Chicken on

    maybe this blog post is about balls rather than the Pacific Ocean? …blue, big, salty???

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