My Review of: The Silver Bullet

My Review: 6.5

I am not referring to the myth that you can kill a werewolf with a “silver bullet.” Obviously silver is way too soft of a metal to use as a slug in a bullet.

(I sounded like I knew what I was talking about there, huh? I think lead is actually pretty soft too.)

No, I am talking about Coors Light, the rocky mountain silver bullet.

Coors Light Can with a Frost Brew (registered) Liner

In my younger days I was a sincere beer snob. If it wasn’t imported then I wasn’t gonna drink it. Of late I have begun to drink more domestic beer, especially Budweiser and Coors Light. It’s not that I have suddenly decided that they taste better (they don’t), nor that that I’m suddenly patriotic (always have been and always will be.) Rather, I have discovered some particular attributes that I appreciate in some of our domestically brewed adult beverages.

1. They are cheap

2. On a hot sunny day of water-skiing in 100 degree weather, you do not want to be drinking Guiness. Coors Light is almost like hydrating while you get drunk. Yay.

So, while I still like a good imported Belgian beer (Delerium Tremens is a personal favorite) I can get behind a Coors Light while sitting down to Family Guy and take-out Chinese food (OK, it was delivered.)

coors-light.jpg coors_can_2.jpg titlecans5.jpg

God Bless America


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