A Review of: 300

300 was Awesome, I don’t care what anyone else says.

My Review: 8 300_comic.jpg

Now, I will admit freely, right off the bat: I am a former comic book collector and a sci-fi / fantasy nerd. So I am not exactly impartial to this genre of film making. But I think they did a lot of things really, really well.

I heard a lot of bad press on this movie, things like “too much CG” and “poor dialogue and performance.” I couldn’t disagree more strongly with those criticisms in particular. In my humble opinion, this movie made some of the best use of CG that I’ve ever seen. What usually bums me out about computer generated graphics and imagery is when they try to do too much with it; actual human fight sequences or pitched aircraft battles (see Star Wars episode I for irritating uses of CG.) What I loved about the CG in 300 was the use of it for back drops and scenery. They created an epic, comic inspired landscape in which to kick ass, and I thought it was beautiful.


The comic thing is an important point by the way. While the story line for 300 is loosely based on the historic battle of Thermopyle between tiny Greek (Spartan in particular) forces against an invading Persian mega-army, the movie itself is inspired by Frank Miller’s comic graphic novel adaptation of that story, also called 300. Frank Miller has been a comic genius (writer and artist) for many years – I remember reading his Daredevil comics as a teenager and loving them. From my perspective a prime goal of this movie was to bring a comic book to life (on the silver screen); in my opinion, that goal was met with complete success.


Regarding the acting, I think the performers did exactly what they needed to do. This is definitely a movie that requires that good old W. S. o D. (willing suspension of disbelief,) but as long as you employee it appropriately, you will enjoy this movie. I think it was shot and animated extremely well, and that the actors played their parts to fit the role. This is not Gone With The Wind – this is a slash-em-up fun movie, and it does a great job of keeping you on the edge of your seat. One fight scene in particular between Gerard Butler (Leonidas) and the giant super-killer in the Persian army actually had me squirming – it was great. Zack Snyder (Director) did a wonderful job with this movie, and I can’t wait to buy the DVD.


For my money, 300 was a resounding 8.fcjg300-0043.jpg


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