Miss Universe 2007

My Review: 7

So, I called it. With the top 5 on stage and nothing else better to watch on TV, this Memorial Day Monday May 28, 2007 I said Miss Japan was was going to win. And I was right.

I think she’s pretty, I think she had more presence than anyone else who was there, and I think she did the best job answering the final question. The top 5 included USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Korea, and obviously Japan.


In spite of all appearances, I do not have an Asian fetish. I legitimately think she deserved to win. The rest of the competition looked like they were made of plastic… it was a little gross.

Miss Japan is now Miss Universe, and I am a genius. And I had nothing better to do. Ain’t life grand.


Congrats Miss Japan. You get a 7 out of 10.



I really should have addressed this when I wrote the post initially, but there was a truly funny moment. At least, it was funny on my couch at home; funny in that “holy crap that poor girl” kind of way. Miss USA, Rachel Smith, fell flat on her ass in the midst of the Evening Gown competition. I have no doubt that this will appear on YouTube forthwith, and I will update this post again when it does to add it here. Achh. That poor girl. But she still made it into the top 5, and get booed by the citizenry of Mexico for her trouble. Pageantry can be an ugly business. Pun very much intended. 🙂

Ciao for now.


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