A Review of Hair on My Ass

Rating: 6

For your ass hair.

If you’re a man then you have hair on your ass. Some women also have hair on their ass usually in the form of peach fuzz (hopefully). I don’t have too much hair on my ass, but I’m a hairy guy and I, admittedly, have my fair share of ass hair. I’d love to tell you that I’m proud of my ass hair and that if you stood me next to other guys with some ass hair, my ass hair would stand out as particularly attractive ass hair. In fact, I’d love for my ass hair to be a source of pride. But, alas, it is not. Ass hair, in general, is just ass hair.

I have many times pondered, “what is the purpose of ass hair?” I’m sure you’ve wondered too. Luckily for the loyal readers of 1to10reviews, I have discovered the authoritative work on ass hair purpose.

Here’s a tidbit of what the following link contains:

“I performed the operation that night, with a cheap disposable razor and a
towel to sit on. Starting from the bottom, and shaving from the crack to the
cheeks, I began the arduous process of ridding my ass of hair.”


Based on this review, I give ass hair a solid 6.


1 comment so far

  1. London Mike on

    Oh my God. That link had one of the greatest stories I’ve heard in some time (at least in the realm of this brand of toilet humor). Unbelievable. I do feel like a lucky loyal reader now that I too have discovered the authoritative reason for having ass hair.

    Keep bringing important reviews like this to us – please!

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