Proton 9 – It gets a Nine.

My Review: 9

I take Protonix, a PPI (proton pump inhibitor.)


Protonix is a pharmaceutical medication primarily aimed at reducing GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease.) I.E. Heartburn.

GERD can be quite serious, and lead to many complications like throat and esophagus damage, cancer, and other various nasties. GERD is not why I take Protonix. While a late night bowl of chili can certainly give me some heartburn, I use it for a more unusual condition. I actually have a stiff ring of cartilage in my throat that is quite narrow. If I eat food too quickly (and I almost always do) and the food is not chewed sufficiently, it can get stuck in my throat. I have had near choking fits on several occasions, especially when I tried to “wash” the food down and ended up almost drowning myself. Ultimately my doctor prescribed a PPI to help the situation, and it worked. I chose Protonix because I have an inside connection to get it cheap (free.)

In reality, many of the PPI’s (Protonix, Prevacid, Nexium, etc.) are very similar in their efficacy and safety. So it doens’t matter too much which one you use. But I am very happy with Protonix, and here’s why:

  1. It effectively reduces heartburn (definitely more for long term sufferers – it is not a quick fix like Pepto or Tums)
  2. It improved my choking fits dramatically – I don’t know why or how, but it worked
  3. They have a cute “Monster” mascot called “Gerdy”

gerdy.jpg gerdy_2.jpg

4. I get it for free.

5. I’m a huge dork and I call it Proton Nine (Protonix = Proton IX) – That’s Fun.


    So, I’m here to tell you that Protonix (Generic: Pantoprazole sodium) is a good drug. It’s effective, reasonably priced (even if you don’t have the hook-up), widely available on most insurance plans, and I am a solid supporter. Nine.


    For more information on Pantoprazole sodium protonix.gif refer to this website.



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