A Review of U-Haul and Why They Suck

My Review: 2

I think that U-Haul pretty much sucks. It is convenient to have a place where you can rent large trucks and other vehicles which are otherwie unavailable to the average citizen. But in general they suck. Here is a short list of what can (and often does) suck about U-Haul:

  1. You make a reservation for a rental, and when you come pick it up it is not there. Too bad for you.
  2. You call to confirm your rental before you come get it and liars assure you that is ready to go. (See #1)
  3. Boxes are expensive there.
  4. Rope and tape are even more expensive.
  5. Sometimes you crash into things with a large truck. (Never happened to me, but several friends have had incidents. Truthfully that one can’t really be blamed on the no-talent ass-clowns at U-Haul – any large truck might cause similar issues.)
  6. They keep older trucks in their fleet; older trucks with no air conditioning that you get to drive when it’s hot outside. That sucks.
  7. Their staff is slow and incompetent – especially at large U-Haul central locations.
  8. The small, independent gas station affiliates are difficult to deal with and have small parking lots that are difficult to maneuver.

The only thing I kind of like about U-Haul is their color: orange is a sweet color. For that reason alone they avoid the low grade of 1, treading the murky water of poor performance and keeping their lips barely above the suffocating water line with a narrowly achieved 2.


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