A Man With a Juicy Butt

My Review: 7

Some men have a juicy butt. By juicy I mean large and in charge. Round and a little bubble-icious. This can be difficult. It can cause something of an emotional self-image crisis. But, for some people, no amount of exercise will exorcise your butt. Some of us will always have a round butt.

The trick I have found is to own it. Own your ass. And I’ll tell you something else. There are women out there (plural, they come in droves) that dig a good butt. Lots of women really like it when a guy has some junk in his trunk. I can attest to this because I have been hit on for my wide ass. And I am ok with it. More than ok – it’s become an asset. Pun basically intended.

So, my advice to you (if you are a man with a round butt that sticks out) is not to buy overly baggy clothes in a vain attempt to de-emphasize your ass. You’ll never succeed in de-emphasization. And Im not preaching the other extreme either. No need to buy tight shorts or invest in spandex. But own your ass. Be proud of it, don’t fear it. Let the ladies love you for it… cause they will.

butt_1.jpg butt_2.jpg butt_3.jpg


2 comments so far

  1. Cindy on

    I have to argee on the female enjoyment of man-ass. As an ass-girl, I have to say, sometimes, what’s more is more. And I, on occasion, even enjoyed watching David’s ass in khaki shorts. Hope that didn’t offend.

  2. David on

    No offense taken – it’s a rare and welcome compliment. The author extends his gratitude. (And answers in the third person whenever possible.)

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