Eating In A Cafeteria

My Review: 4

When people say “let’s eat in the cafeteria” I do not get excited. I mostly feel glum. Cafeteria food is rarely excellent; in fact it generally sucks. Cafeteria food (by and large) is created out of budget priced, substandard ingredients by food service employees that rarely make more than minimum wage or have much in the way of training and experience.

cafeteria.gif                          cafeteria1.jpg

There are exceptions. I’ve been told that Google’s cafeteria kicks ass. Lots of things about Google kick ass, so why not the cafeteria? But, I do not work at Google, and so most of my cafeteria experiences have been shitty.

google_cafeteria2.jpg Another Google Cafeteria Pic

The food is often geasy, it’s heavy on carbs and starches (cheap filler) and the meat is usually of poor quality andpoorly prepared. Sometimes they have a salad bar. Yay. Cheap greens with canned vegetables.

Cafeterias also remind me of certain things, places, and events. My freshman year of college (Go Gauchos) I lived in the dorms and ate in the Cafeteria – all the food you could eat, as long as you got there on time. All the gross food you can eat at the De La Guerra Dining Commons.

dlg1.jpg                         dlg2.jpg

Also (and this one makes me smile) I am forced to remember Bluto Blutarski and the Food Fight scene in Animal House. What a fantastic scene. What a fantastic movie.


But, overall, I can’t help feeling negatively about Cafeterias, the food they serve, and the terrible, defeated ambiance they promote.

A 4, and that’s generous.


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