Waiting For The iPhone

My Review: 8

Sol and I are sitting in the Capitola Mall south of Santa Cruz right now. We’re in line, sitting in camp chairs, outside the AT&T store. We are waiting for the opportunity to spend $600 and buy an 8GB iPhone. We have problems.

But this was really the way to do it. The Apple store is cool and all, but they are way over crowded, whereas the AT&T store in the Capitola mall is way more off the radar. So, instead of getting in line last night at 6 PM and standing there for 24 hours, we were able to come over here and get in line at 10:00 AM today, and we’re still like 12th in line.

So now, it’s 3:00 PM, we’re still feeling good, and we’re only 3 hours away from purchase time. And we’re styling too. Sol brought along a projector, speakers, extension cord, power strip, a macbook, and Star Wars. So we are projecting Star Wars onto the ceiling of the Capitola Mall – everyone in line is pretty stoked on us as a result.

Here is Sol and I in line; Star Wars is projecting upwards.

Sol and David in line for the iPhone.

Our friend Sheree works here in the store – she wouldn’t tell us how many phones they have to sell, but she seemed optimistic about our odds. We’re feeling pretty good about our prospects. The questions is, do I keep it, or try to make some money on Ebay? All the nerds are incensed by the idea of NOT keeping it, but I am still on the fence.

I’ll update later on after the sales process happens – in the meantime the atmosphere here is festive and pleasant. 3 hours left to go. This event gets an eight, cause it’s ridiculous. David, signing off at 3:00PM, Pacific Standard Time.


Update #1 – 3:51 PM (PST) – Friday June 29, 2007

Lauren Sagar from the Santa Cruz Sentinel just came by to interview all the crazies that are waiting for the iPhone. She seemed duly impressed that we were screening Star Was on the ceiling, not to mention the water bottle full of Jack Daniels that we offered to share with her. πŸ™‚ We also shared with her the fact that Starbucks around the corner has been very generously coming by with snacks and treats for all of us hungry gadget freaks. Oh, I also got a phone call form my mother. She seemed awed and a little exasperated (in a kind, motherly way) that we were so committed as to wait in line for 7 hours to buy a really expensive phone.

img00280.jpg img00281.jpg

Lauren Sagar – Santa Cruz Sentinel


Update #2 – 12:36 PM (PST) – Monday July 2, 2007

So, I think we need a little closure here. We finally arrived at 6:00 PM on Friday evening. The moment of truth. The culmination of 7 hours in line waiting to buy a phone. Right till the end I wasn’t even sure I wanted one. But I am here to testify. I am here to tell it on the mountain, ‘cross the oceans, in the valley and over the river… the iPhone kicks ass.

After waiting that long I had to purchase the thing; but the computers were running slow, so I had some down time. I went over to the demo model and started screwing around with it, and OMG it is so cool. The interface is easy to use, the screen is crystal… I’ll stop here because I may do a whole separate review of the thing. But suffice to say that I like it a lot and I am definitely keeping it.

In regards to the experience of waiting in line for the launch and purchase of the iPhone, it was pretty fun. Star Wars was a big hit, even with the security guards. Around 4:30 the Cingular store closed up shop and kicked out all the customers. Then at 6:00 they re-opened to allow us nerds to come in, 7 people at a time, to purchase either a 4GB or an 8GB version. Needless to say I went with the 8GB. Armed security guards stood at the store entrance to maintain order and keep things under control. By the time 6 o’clock rolled around the line had swelled to around 150 people. I’m certain that those in back did not manage to get a phone – brutal.

img00282.jpg img00285.jpg

Sol and I were 15th and 16th in line , and it took till about 6:30 for us to get in the store and make our purchases. I’m glad we weren’t number 62 and 63; the anticipation at that point would have been irritating. πŸ™‚

All in all I have to say the experience of waiting in line for the launch and purchase of the iPhone merits an 8. It was a circus. And circuses are fun. Except for the clowns; those dudes are creepy.


Post Script

An interesting after note. Remember Lauren Sagar from the Santa Cruz Sentinel? Well she did a write up of the iPhone experience. Sol and I made the front page. If I can get a hold of a clipping I will scan it in and post it here. Hooray. We’re famous.


Update to the Post Script

Here is the front page photo (bottom half) from the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Mardi Browning at the Sentinel very kindly sent me a copy, even though it was over a month after publication. Thanks Mardi.

Front Page of The Santa Cruz Sentinel (bottom half)

By the way, the green water bottle I’m holding… yeah, it’s full of Jack Daniels.Β  Hoo-rah.


4 comments so far

  1. Monko on

    Is this my B-day gift??? That’s friggin awesome!!

  2. David on

    Right. Nice one dude. If I keep it, you can look at it.


  3. London Mike on

    Did you ever get a clipping of that front page photo from the SC Sentinel? Dude, post that thing already!

  4. David on

    No, I missed my chance. Maybe I can write to the sentinel. If I get one I will put it up.

    Thanks for checking in about it. =)-

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