My Review:7

Fireworks displays are a lot of fun.  On 4th of July they remind us (at least they’re supposed to) of the rockets red glare –  i.e. the bursts of cannon fire between the British and the Colonists during the war of independence.  But fireworks can also be trite, cliche, and sometimes uninspired.  Like anything I else I suppose you get a mixed bag.

Honestly my views this year (from 4th of July, 2007) are slightly colored; my truck was towed on Wednesday night because so many people flock to our neighborhood every year on the 4th. Correspondingly, parking enforcement is quintupled.  Or more.   It’s probably not fair to let my personal issues affect my review of Fireworks in general, but what the hell.  It really made me mad.  Almost lead to a fistfight.  Or rather, a beating.  I would have killed the guy.  Heh.

My favorite fireworks colors are white or gold.  Colors (especially greens, reds, blues, purples, etc.) are lame.  Well, not lame, but sometimes they just seem a little overdone.  In fact I was informed that because this is the special year of the Golden Pig (in Chinese tradition) which makes the gold fireworks extra special.  )
We got some pictures, what do you think?

dsc_0113.jpg              dsc_0130.jpg

On the plus side fireworks are fun, and they do seem to engender this childlike excitement and wonderment in almost everyone.  Kids are so fun to observe during a fireworks display.  But all people seem to look up into the sky and just get lost a little bit in the moment.  This past 4th of July I spent a couple minutes toward the end of the display singing the national anthem softly to myself.  It did cause a “moment.”  It was nice.

Fireworks finales are also pretty fun.   The sudden rush of booms, pops, crackles, lights, sparkles, explosions and fun are great.  They’re just great.

I originally wanted to give fireworks a 5, because my car got towed.  But I need to get over it, and to some degree I have.  I now want to give fireworks a 7, because my bad experience shouldn’t ruin it for everyone else.   And fireworks are fun.

God, this was kind of a lame post.  I wouldn’t say that here, but most likely no one will ever read it anyway.



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