What waiting in a line for an iPhone means about my life.

My rating: 6

I waited in line with David. I felt like a nerd because I had spent part of another night with Kurt in a different line. For some reason I just wanted to wait in a line. I’m not sure why waiting in a line appealed to me. I just waited. In a line. I think maybe I waited in the line because everyone in the line was excited to be in the line.

Like the short, terse vibration of a new email on my iPhone, it hit me: why don’t I wait in more lines? I could be a line junkie. My brother waited in line for Return of the Jedi. He still talks about it. “That was awesome,” he regularly notes. “Yeah dude, that sounds rad,” I say back. What happens in these damn lines that make people so stoked?

Is it about hope? It’s like a prom date, but a sure thing. At the end of the line for the Apple iPhone I was going to get iLaid. I mean, is my life so lame that waiting in a line is the equivalent of getting laid on prom night? Holy shit, I’m depressed. I’m going to play with my iPhone now.

iphone joke


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  1. Monko on

    Did you download some porn on your iPhone? That would have cheered you up and gotten you iLaid!

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