The Techcrunch Party – Amenities and Ambiance

My Review:5.5


So, Techcrunch (a popular technology and Internet blog) threw a party tonight (Friday July 27, 2007) and Sol and I snagged a couple of tickets. Their own post about the event was located here. This is sort of an important event for those people who work in Silicon Valley and engage in all things internet. Lots of people, sort of a ‘who’s who’ crowd was there; it’s a good place to see and be seen, and to network. But I don’t really want to expound too much on the “networking opportunities,” or the “chance to engage with “influencers.” That’s kind of boring.

Instead, let’s focus on the aspects that most people can identify with. Namely the venue, the food, the drink, the atmosphere, the company and the ambiance, the bathroom situation. All those myriad factors which, aggregated together, combine to form an overall level of enjoyment. That’s what I want to review. How fun was the Techcrunch party? How well did it come off?

To do this, I am going back to the highest level of statistical analysis which I can still safely claim to have mastery over. 5th grade level math. Addition, division, averages and means.

I will give each of the above named categories a score (out of 10, naturally). I will add these up, divide by the total number of categories, and that is the means by which I arrived at my score. How did I pick these categories? Well, not with any painstaking analysis or extensive research and polling. Nope. These are pretty much arbitrary and off the top of my head. If you have suggestions for some party factor or category that you think ought to have been included, please comment and I may revise the list (and consequently the score.) If you attended the Techcrunch party, please feel free to offer your own rating, either with my well-thought-out method, or one of your own choosing.

  • Venue:7
  • Food:8
  • Drink:5
  • Atmosphere:3.5
  • Company: 6
  • Ambiance:7
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Total: 5.5

In summary, I have to say that the TC party was “pretty good.” They had good beer and terrible Margaritas, which is better than a dry party by far, but I would have been happy with a cash bar and as much JD as I wanted to buy. There wasn’t “dinner” so to speak, but the appetizers were pretty good (I liked the vegetable samosas and the mini ice-cream sandwiches).

The venue was nice, mostly the back porch of August Capital off of Sand Hill Rd. in Menlo Park. I was able to smoke a cigar with some friends, so that was sweet. However, there were over 500 people present, and only two bathrooms available. It seemed fitting to give that terrible oversight a 2 out of 10; this did not help the party’s average. I was pretty pissed about it – pun very mich intended. The bushes in VC land got a little extra watering on Friday night, from yours truly and many others.

The atmosphere at the party was more-or-less as expected: stuffy and self-important. Most of these people think their sh-t doesn’t stink, and those aren’t people I especially enjoy hanging out with. But, some friends were there, along with some genuine entrepreneurs who were trying to network as best they can, so the company overall wasn’t bad.

I think a 5.5 is fair, though I’m sure Mike and the TC crowd might have a different opinion of their party.


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