The Seagate FreeAgent Go

My Rating: 7

I have a lot of stuff. Firstly, I have several computers. I have a hell of a time figuring out what content is on which computer. This is especially true when it comes to music. I’ll have the inspiration to download an album on one machine and then forget if I synchronized it with another. Recently I was put in the situation where I wanted to to transfer a lot of content from one machine to the next. This was due to the recent purchase of a MacBook Pro. You can read David’s review of that here.

So, I thought about the fact that I have several computers and that I had to transfer some content onto this new machine. I recalled during CES last year, there was a slick, small product called the Seagate FreeAgent Go. It got some decent reviews and I thought that I should probably try it out. It was more expensive than some of their competitors, such as Western Digital. But, the industrial design turned me on and I was won over by cheap plastic and an orange glowing light. Observe…

Seagate FreeAgent Go

It’s small like a little address book. It’s brown like a dark leather. It glows like the chocolate bar with the winning ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And it works pretty damn well. Of course, it does have it’s drawbacks. I purchased the 160Gb version. This is ample storage. And it works fairly quickly to copy up and save the 40 precious Gb of music that I dumped on it immediately.

The problem’s really started when I wanted it to play nicely with my Mac. I had to do some crazy formatting for it to be recognized by the Mac. You’ll need to go to your Disk Utility and perform some magic. I’m not going to describe the process here because I don’t want to be the cause of any potential damage to your drive. Please make sure, however, that you have nothing on your drive when you essentially format it (ask me how I know).

You’re probably a PC user and you’re thinking that this doesn’t matter to you because you don’t have to worry about all the crazy complications us Mac users encounter. I would ask you to think about the future. Eventually you’re going to switch. As long as you have a portable drive perfect for transferring data back and forth – make sure you know how to use it with your future mac. Have you seen the new iMac? Wow.

All joking aside, the FreeAgent Go comes with Ceedo. This is useful if you want to live off of your portable hard drive. It basically allows you to run programs off of the device, stores your bookmarks, etc. This absolutely does not work with a Mac. I also find it buggy and somewhat annoying. However, it is leaps and bounds better than SanDisk’s crappy-ass U3.

For the most part, this drive is small, light, attractive and glowing. It does the job. It lives in my bag and comes out on a pretty regular basis. I’m a fan of items with some design sensibility. In fact, I’ll pay more for something that has style. The FreeAgent Go gets a 7 for basic functionality and attractiveness.


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