My Review: 4

Meetings, in general, are difficult to like. They can be fun, with the right group, and if they are stay relevant and on track. But too often meetings end up lasting 6 times longer than necessary. Right now, I am sitting in a meeting that started at 10:00 AM. It is currently 2:40 PM. We broke for lunch (about 20 minutes) but basically its been straight through.


Jeremy (a friend who writes a blog called Live Digitally) once said that he thinks meetings should never need to last more than an hour. I buy into that philosophy, and here’s why:

  • Once you go past 1 hour, you are probably beyond the attention span of most of the participants
  • If you have more to talk about than you can fit in one hour, you are probably trying to do too much in one meeting
  • Or, you have more people in the meeting than really need to participate

Now, a good meeting can actually be pretty enjoyable. You feel like you accomplished something, you reached consensus with a group of people you trust, and you have a clear plan of action to move forward. And you did all that in 51 minutes. That would get a 7 or 8 in my book, because there is a lot of satisfaction in work done well.


But too many meetings run over long, with too many people expressing dumb-ass opinions that don’t move the topic forward. So on the whole, I have to give “meetings” (in general) a score of 4 out of 10.



Update 8/23/2007

It is now 4:13 PM, and I have been in the same meeting for more than 6 hours.  Sighhh.


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  1. Monko on

    I couldn’t agree more (as I walk into a meeting myself).

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