Aspen Trees – Fall Edition

My Review: 10

I love Aspen trees. There is nothing I don’t like about them. The trunks are lovely, silver grey with very few branches until you reach the upper foliage. The leaves are shaped like a short, broad paddle and delicately veined. They are green in the spring and summer, and in mid-Fall they begin to turn a beautiful, bright yellow. Towards Winter the leaves will drop, and then bud again in the Spring.

Aspen trees typically grow in Alpine and sub-alpine regions between 3 and 8,000 feet of elevation above sea level. They are often called quaking aspens, because in high winds the leaves (which are paddle shaped) will blow and beat against one another, causing a soft rustling, or quaking sound.

aspen-small01.JPG aspen-small02.JPG

Here is an Aspen-lined road Some of the leaves

Some of my favorite regions in the world have a great deal of Aspen growth, including the Western and Eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range (South Lake Tahoe, CA and Tom’s Place, north of Bishop, CA)

Aspens up in South Lake Tahoe, CA


Gorgeous Aspen in full Fall foliage


Tahoe Forest with Pines and Aspens

Here is a video of a “Quaking Aspen” in motion:


Incredible golden Aspen leaves

I find no fault with Aspen tree, although I do wish that it grew in more places. Though, perhaps, that is one of the reasons I find it so special. The quaking Apsen, especially in its full Fall regalia, is a full 10 out of 10.


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