Starbucks Coffee Carabiner Mugs

My Review: 6

I got a Starbucks carabiner mug as a birthday present several years ago. I still use, and I still like it. I am into climbing and stuff like that, so the idea of a mug that has an integrated clip or carabiner is appealing. In truth, the feature is definately more gimmick than value-add, but it is neat. And if the mug is empty, then the clip can come in pretty handy to attach the mug to a backpack strap or shoulder strap.


In theory, the lid does seal pretty well. There is a rubberized plug that fits snugly into the drinking hole in the top. However, if the mug is lying on its side or left upside down, I have found that they do leak. My buddy (the one who bought it for me) has several of these coffee mugs (different colors) and often sets them down sideways, partially full, with the lid closed in the hopes that it will not leak, or at least not leak very much. I think he has had more success than I’ve had, but this mug is definitely not 100% spill-proof. But for walking upstairs, or jogging to catch up with someone, it is a good way to contain your hot liquids.

img_0447.jpg            img_0448.jpg

The integrated carabiner clip is made of metal and seems pretty sturdy. Because the seal is not outstanding, I would not like to clip the mug and leave it dangling while full, but it is handy in certain circumstances. The cup is made of aluminum and double-walled, so it keeps hot beverage hot, and cold beverages cold. (But how do it know?) 🙂 The bottom is rubberized, as are sections of the middle of the mug. The rubber is studded (not for her pleasure you sicko) which provides an excellent gripping surface. And the lid is heat resistant, extra-hard plastic. It’s a pretty sturdy design overall, rugged and resistant to abuse.


It is dishwasher safe, but not good for the microwave (the whole “metal” thing.) My friend Ben can explain all about what happens when you put an aluminum coffee mug in the microwave.

Here is a quick video showing the mug.


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  1. Monko on

    Ooooh…we are doing video reviews now. Very nice.

  2. David on

    Thanks man – video is fun. YouTube is sucking badly, but Google video is working fine. Funny, since they are part of the same company now.

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