When your main-man abandons your ass and goes on a honeymoon

I give it a 1

That’s right, a 1.


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  1. David on

    Life can be rough in an office. That’s why it’s important to have an outlet for your frustrations. I recommend:

    1. Running -exercise helps to clear the mind and the soul

    2. Bring a friend to work – a dog is ideal as a companion and stress-defuser

    3. Drink heavily – lots of beer and whiskey is a good idea

    4. Find an alternate activity to occupy yourself – maybe guitar hero?

    5. Get sick – catch the flu, catch a cold, stay home and avoid everyone

    Just my thoughts. Good luck.


  2. JT on

    May I point out the questionable phrasing of “main-man abandons your ass”?

  3. Monko on

    I think #3 is by far the best recommendation with #5 not too far behind (cause you can do #3 with #5).

    It’s tough when Bert leaves Ernie…but you’ll make it through.

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