The Pacific Ocean: Part 2

My Review: 4


At last, the long awaited follow up to the earth shattering first post about the big blue. The Pacific Ocean. The largest body of water on earth.

This post is going to focus on a couple of the less savory aspects of the Pacific Ocean – subjectively speaking.

One thing I don’t love is swimming out in the ocean. Or rather, I do love swimming in the ocean, but sometimes it creeps me out. Especially if I don’t have a snorkel and mask, and I am solely swimming on the surface. That is kind of scary. I always think there’s some creature underneath me, either patrolling for a snack, or just waiting to “slime” me. It’s creepy.


The other thing that is less than wonderful about the Pacific Ocean is… well, the smell. Especially at low tide. The smell when you’re out on the open ocean is great. But at a beach, at low tide, with dead creatures and seaweed drying in the sun the smell can be unpleasant.


Now, all of my negative commentary is eminently debatable, and all of it comes with qualifications. Please do not look at today’s rating or these negative aspects as the sum of my outlook on the Pacific Ocean. They are merely a snapshot, one small slice of the big blue pie, and really are more reflective of my current mood than of the ocean as a whole.

Does this call into question my ratings? Does this mean that my ratings are not objective and based partly on mood, feeling and instinct? Totally. That is exactly what it means. 🙂

Thanks for reading, and for your continued support.

The big salty blue gets a rating of 4 today.


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