The Otterbox 1000

My Review: 8


The Otterbox 1000 is a simple, straightforward offering from the boys and girls who make waterproof cool.  Otterbox is a company that specializes in waterproof cases.  They have everything from simple generic boxes to waterproof iPhone cases.

The subject of this review is my new Otterbox 1000.  It is as straightforward as you get; it’s a black plastic box that keeps things dry.  The exterior is rigid and strong.  The latch mechanism is a snap-lock that clicks firmly into place – it does require a firm hand to close all the way.


The dimensions (in inches) are as follows:
Exterior: 4.873” x 3.682” x 1.652”
Interior: 3.700” x 2.350” x 1.000”

The box is waterproof, crushproof and airtight.  It’s large enough to hold keys, money and credit cards, a small cell phone, and other small, precious items. To test mine I filled the bathroom sink with water, immersed the box for a while by holding I tunder water, and then left it floating for a few minutes.  To spice things up I put my iPhone in it for the test.

Ha.  Right.  Actually I put some dry tissues in the box – just in case.  But I’m happy to say that the test went great, and everything inside stayed dry as can be.


Overall I’m impressed with the thing.  I do think the latch is a little tough to close.  I want it to be tight, but the plastic is so hard that it almost feels brittle to me.  I’m concerned whether it will last through repeated openings and closings. But, thus far, I’ve had no problems and I am pleased with the box.  It retails for $11.49, and you can buy it from Otterbox directly or through any number of retail outlets.

I give the Otterbox 1000 an 8.


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