Gotta Be Mobile?

My Review: 8

If you’ve got to be mobile, then this website is valuable to you.

logo3.gif is a website dedicated to news and information about the mobile space.  PDA’s, phones, tablet PC’s and other technology advancements in the mobile space are their forte and focus.  From their “About” page:

“ is an Internet News and Review website that covers the fast paced and constantly changing mobile computing sector.

The vision of is to become the definitive source for mobile computing news, reviews, and commentary, as well as the home for the mobile community to discover and discuss these issues. When you think mobile, think”

I think they’re doing a great job.  The site is feature and content rich, and also chock full of advertising – hey, you gotta make a living as well as be mobile.

But the site does not feel cluttered, and as I said these guys have a lot of content.  They also do cool things, like stream video live while they’re blogging and chat with their readers real-time.  As a reader, you can give feedback to the writers and get other insights that you’d never get on a traditional blog.  They’re covering CES thoroughly.


If you are interested in the latest technology focused on mobility and mobile devices, gottabemobile is pretty sweet.  Solid 8 in my book.


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