The Post-CES Flu

My Review: 1


On Thursday January 10th, driving from Las Vegas back to the San Francisco Bay Area, I felt my throat tightening and my energy level dropping. During the 8 and a half hour drive, I grew steadily more congested as well. When I finally reached home around 1:30 AM, I knew I was definitely sick. I did not, however, realize that I was about to spend the next 4 days in bed, sweating and fever-filled.


I don’t get sick all that often, about once a year, and sometimes less. I haven’t taken a sick day home from work in almost 2 years. This year’s CES-Flu knocked me on my ass. I was full of snot, overcome with fever, simultaneously shivering and sweating, and losing my battle with with a bad headache. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I hardly left my bed. On Monday and Tuesday I felt well enough to sit on the couch and ache. Wednesday I tried to go to work, and came home early after a doctors appointment. This was a bad flu. No, I did not get a flu shot. I don’t know if it would have helped or if this was a different strain.

You spend most of CES face to face with total strangers, shaking hands with dirty people all the live long day. There’s not enough Purell in Nevada to kill all the germs. Late nights and long hours don’t help your immune system either. I think I just shook one too many hands and breathed one to many people’s germy breath while glorifying in all the technology.


This year’s CES-Flu laid me up pretty bad, in spite of repeated handwashing and lot’s Airborne and Emergen-C. I was bummed to get so sick, and I can’t really think of any redeeming factors to the flu. So it gets a 1, a rare grade here on 1to10, but I think it’s deserving.



2 comments so far

  1. Monko on

    Are you sure you didn’t catch the bug when you wondered over to the AVN awards? 🙂 Hope you are doing better!

  2. Allison S. on

    Brought home a lot more than schwag, eh?

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