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LEAVE, and don’t come back

This blog is defunct.  We’ve moved to:

I switched from (which is a wonderful place to write a blog) to a self-hosted blog.  I am still using WordPress, but I got the install package for WordPress 2.6.

Thanks for visiting – please come see us at our new home.

Advertisements makes me want to vomit

My Review: 1


I am incredibly disappointed. I have a bone to pick and a forum from which to descry the ineptitude and irresponsibility which is To put it another way, they suck as badly as it is possible for an E-tail shoe store to suck. Al Bundy would be an improvement to their sales team.

My fiancee (soon to be wife) needed a pair of hiking boots for our honeymoon in New Zealand. We looked the old fashioned way, and 3 different brick and mortar shoe stores were unable to provide the right boot for her size 5 1/2 foot. So we went online, and found the right pair of boots, “available” in the right size, for a good price. And with free shipping! El yay.

So I placed the order, received an on-screen confirmation with the promise of an email confirmation to come. No email came. I check my spam folder, and still no email. My credit card was charged – a total of $158.99. I waited three days, and when I still had received no word I called the customer service line. I was told that the order had been placed and received, and that it normally takes 10 days to fill an order and ship it out. The customer service rep said that my email had most likely been placed in spam by accident. She promised to re-send the email, and suggested that I check my spam folder. Great.

So, I kept an eye on my inbox for the rest of the day. No email. I checked my spam folder repeatedly. No email.

Oh well, they said it would take a little while for the shoes to arrive. So I waited. I waited for 12 days. No email. No tracking number. Nothing. So I called again.

I spoke with a woman who informed me that the shoes I had ordered were out of stock. At this point I have paid $160 for boots. I’ve waited more than 3 weeks. My honeymoon is now less than 2 weeks away. I’ve received no emails from the company. I was told, in person over the phone, that my shoes were on their way. They have my money. I have no shoes.

Enough I told her. Forget it, please refund my money. And that is when I learned that it takes 30 days to process a refund. A refund for an item I never received, an item that is not available. So I ask for a supervisor. A supervisor was unavailable, so I asked for a call-back. Guess what happened.

I hate They are evil, smelly, and despicable. They deserve less than a 1 rating, but this blog is called 1to10reviews so I cannot give them a lower mark. It just wouldn’t make sense.


So I am making it my mission to join every review website and rating website I can find to give them a poor ranking. The have created an enemy in me, and I will shout from every rooftop available to me that they have terrible customer service, lousy communication, they steal money without providing goods or services, and they should be run out of business as quickly as possible.

Here is my review from


Here is my submission to the Better Business Bureau:

bbb.png bbb2.png

I’ve threatened to submit companies to the BBB, but this is the first time I actually did it. It feels good. I am still looking for more review sites. If anyone knows of any good ones, please leave a comment and let me know.



According to the most recent comment, seems to be out of business.  When I visit the webpage it seems to be down.  I’d like to think that I had a little something to do with it.  🙂



It’s official.  Their site has a goodbye and goodnight message posted up.  Here is a screenshot:

I don’t know if I really had anything to do with it, but I sure feel vindicated.

Julbo Nomad Sunglasses

My Review: 5

Julbo is a manufacturer of high quality optics for the outdoors (sunglasses, goggles, etc.) They are based in France, and they have two websites; one for international users, and the second tailored specifically for the United States. I have owned two pairs of Julbo’s Nomad sunglasses, but I suspect I will not own a third.

I like Julbo glasses in general.  They are a well known brand, considered to be high quality,  and 100% UV protective.  You can get multiple lenses for their glasses, and they have optics which focus on a variety of outdoor activities, from mountaineering to water sports to urban lifestyle.

The Nomad in particular is a mountain piece with a neat twist.  They feature removable face shields that snap into place along the stems.  These convert a regular pair of sport sunglasses into mountain goggles which help shield the eyes from dangerous glare off of surrounding snow. This glare can cause retinal damage and permanent blindness in extreme cases.  Sun damage to the eyes at high elevation is extremely common and extremely dangerous, and many mountaineers use protective goggles with leather shields to avoid this danger.  The Nomad is a more versatile (and arguably more stylish) option.

But the damn lenses scratch.

I owned a pair, which I purchased from REI, and the lenses scratched to the point of un-usability.  I returned them and recieved a new pair, which have now scratched as well.  I am generally careful with my gear, expecially expensive and potentially delicate items like mountain sunglasses.  I think that these are overly prone to scratching, and it’s annoying.  A close friend and climbing partner named John has also owned a pair of these and encountered the same problem.

I think that these glasses are well designed and versatile.  They fit somfortably, stay in place on my face, and they look reasonably cool. But even though I keep them in a case if they are not on my nose, and I always clean them with either an optic friendly wiping cloth or soft clean cotton, they consistently wear poorly and become unusable.  I want them to be a ten, but they are sadly only a five.